Indigo Labs helps your business by

  • providing technology advice: strategy, roadmap, auditing
  • supplying IT professionals with best-in-class knowledge
  • designing complex solutions to meet your requirements
  • turning Development teams into High Performance Teams

What we do

Indigo Labs supplies very experienced technical architects and senior developers to design and implement your advanced solutions. We love the Cloud and so we always encourage our clients to look at the advantages it brings: scalability, resilience, responsiveness and elasticity.

Our extensive experience in building large and scalable web sites and web apps, based on best-practice Cloud Design Patterns ensures that our design and implementation work to solve your software challenges is carefully executed to deliver outstanding results every time.

Other common services we provide are technical team leadership, where we manage one or more teams of developers to successfully deliver the required projects on time whilst training the team members in the latest development techniques. We can also perform in-depth technical audits of your development teams as well as create a detailed strategic roadmap of how to get these teams to achieve technical excellence, maximum efficiency and to enjoy their job whilst doing it!

Finally, we are well versed in the implementation of SCRUM as an Agile methodology, not only for development but also at a larger business-level, having helped bring Agile to several organisations and their teams successfully in the past few years.

Who we are

Indigo Labs is made up of a group of very experienced technology professionals who all come from a development background, making their way through the ranks over many years of experience up to Architect and CTO-level.

Under the leadership of our Technical Director, and experienced Cloud Architect who has held the CTO responsibility in several companies from start ups to well established organisations, we are a group of passionate geeks who love technology and live and breath it every day, at the office, at home, at the beach, even in our sleep. Passion is what drives us to excel, and what makes us the right choice when it comes to solving your architecture and development problems.

Alfonso Ferrandez

Technology Visionary Leader & Advisor

Cloud-scale Architect


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft's Cloud platform enables scalable solutions running a variety of technologies, all of which Indigo Labs is knowledgeable on.


Ideal for Data Intensive Real Time applications, we love using Node.js to build highly scalable, ultra-fast sites and REST APIs.


Relational or document-based storage? The trick here is to know when to use one or the other. And sometimes even both at the same time!


Microsoft's web stack to build enterprise-grade websites and APIs, perfect for producing sites with CPU intensive requirements.


The coolest front-end technology to come out from Google. We love it, as we use it where we can!


Apache Kafka is used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming apps. It is horizontally scalable, fault-tolerant and wicked fast.


The latest iteration of HTML brings more document-friendly syntax and a host of new functionality to enable powerful app-like features such as geo-location, local storage and off-line functions.


The latest version of CSS brings along very powerful new transitions, bringing JavaScript-free animations in newer browsers to a whole new level.

Contact us

We’d love to hear from you. If you have a project that your internal development team can't handle, or you need an experienced technical leader to take control of the project and ensure that best-practices, appropriate technologies and methodologies are used, get in touch!

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